Is a Mobile App the Answer?


Many businesses are looking for ways to deliver their service to customers in new and exciting ways, and with the fast growing mobile space there have certainly been many opportunities to find new ways to reach out and connect – but not all opportunities have been equal, where some may have had a time limit or expiration date, and others with a huge cost that are difficult to justify – one of the most common for business owners is to ask the simple question, will a mobile app solve my problems?

It’s certainly a tough one – on one hand, there are many sectors and markets that have survived and even flourished without the requirement of a mobile app to drive new users, one in particular over the pandemic period has been within online gaming focussed largely at online casinos and betting sites, where most mobile games require an app, both have been able to succeed without doing so, those at for example have also been able to do so whilst handling changes with initiatives such as Gamstop and the challenges that had come with that – these examples have shown that an app isn’t necessarily required in order to succeed, and not having one can even serve as a benefit itself.

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On the other hand, it’s easy to look at the huge apps in use at the moment with the Ubers and Wolts and suggest that an app has a huge number of possibilities and benefits – but to that it’s also understanding what you’ll be able to deliver to your customers with the use of an app. The industry in which you operate has a huge bearing on just how successful your potential app could be, and it’s important to explore where the best uses will be. Developing an app that has all of the features you need and the extra features you haven’t yet explored is expensive, and if you’re not able to deliver on everything your potential customers need in your industry then you may be causing more harm than helping. 

Recent data has also started to show that mobile apps for the most part are on the way out – other than the most successful and biggest names, most apps find little use after the initial download as after 30 days up to 70% of all users who have downloaded your app may not be using it at all. The tech space is so big and changes so often in business, if you’re not an early adopter of new tech it may become difficult to slot yourself in to the market, and the mobile app space is certainly one of these spaces that rings true – unless you’re willing to self-develop, now may be the time to look forward to what the next big space may be and concentrate there, as it’s becoming more clear that mobile apps certainly aren’t the answer to generating new customers, or taking a new leap in your own business space.

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