Growth of mobile gaming


Mobile gaming has expanded so much of recent years that it has now surpassed both gaming on consoles and computers, it creates 60% of the revenue for the global video game market. In 2019 generating $49 billion dollars in revenue and massive $16.9 billion in profit, this is forecasted to now grow annually by 2.9% reaching a mammoth $56.6billion by 2024. As of 2015, more people owned mobile devices than desktop computers, more mobile Google searches were made, and the average user spent more time per day on their mobile than on their computer. Many industries are scrambling keep up with this trend and make their services mobile.

A huge factor of this is the new wave of ‘hyper-casual’ games freely available on everyone’s smart phones or tablets, the games and funded and paid for by in play advertisements. These games in particular are ideal for the more casual gamers.

The growth in mobile gaming had also completely revolutionized the gambling and betting industry. Over the past few years the online gambling world has exploded, with most high street bookies, casinos and even bingo halls now offering an online service / app. Although the social aspect and atmosphere of being in a bookies or casino is great customer will definitely find the convenience of using the mobile app more to their liking. They can keep up to date of all the news, have up to date odds at their fingertips and also the live in-play feature which will be appealing to many. There are now also us casinos for uk players that are also proving popular.

The corona virus pandemic has forced a lot of companies towards the online markets as customers cannot leave their homes to use the shops / bookies or casinos that’s if they are even allowed to open, and if they are a lot of restrictions will be in place so a lot of people will prefer to play from the comfort of their home.

Casinos are now offering Live features which allows the player to play their favourite table casino games in real time, using an online presence and alias so they can communicate with the other players. The live casino feature gives the player the ability to feel as if they are in an actual casino with an actual dealer with time restrictions between hands or spins.

There is definitely a lot of promise for where the world of mobile gambling may progress in years to come, after seeing the huge success of augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go, virtual reality may play a part in online gambling in the future.

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