How to Help Your Clients Eliminate Excess Belly Fat


For people who value their appearance, a flabby belly can be their worst enemy. Many people want to have a ripped abdominal area complete with a 6-pack. When the question of how to remove a flabby belly arises, the answer usually revolves around proper exercise and a nutritious diet. Although true, it is a very generic answer that doesn’t really solve anything for those who really want to eliminate their excess belly fat.

If you want to look good physically and rid yourself of belly fat, you shouldn’t focus your exercise on one single area of your body. You need to perform a workout that encompasses your entire body. Because your midsection doesn’t have very active muscles, slimming it down with direct exercise on that area will yield slower results than with any other parts of the body. Many people think that they can simply use specific exercises that create six pack abs to burn their excess belly fat, but they soon find out this isn’t true and give up on working out. This is where a personal trainer who has taken a gym instructing course Liverpool comes in and can show them how to eliminate belly fat for good and get the results they want in the gym.

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Burn Fat All Over

An experienced personal trainer will show their clients how to burn excess body fat over the entire body, rather than in just one area. They will show you how to set realistic goals and achieve them. If you set your goals too high, this could lead to disappointment when you don’t reach them so most personal trainers and health experts would recommend that you lose two pounds a week at most.

Consistency is the Key

Although just one or two pounds of weight lost per week seems like a small amount, your client will look and feel much healthier if they can be consistent with your weight loss. As they are able to reduce the amount of fat in their body, belly fat will be burned as well.

If your client wants to have slimmer abs, the best method is for you to formulate an overall weight loss program that is easy for them to understand and follow. Rushing off to the gym isn’t always the best way, especially if you lack a real goal.

Proper Diet

If your client wants to remove excess belly fat, it should go hand in hand with proper eating habits. They should never skip breakfast. In fact, they should still have three regular meals each day two light snacks between them. A good eating schedule will help stave off hunger much more easily and help them get the results they are after.

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