A few good qualities of cricketers that you should take to trade better


If you are cricket fan it wouldn’t take much time for you to understand. Even if you are not a cricket fan you can easily understand. After all, this is all about good qualities. If you watch the behavior of Singaporean traders you would understand that they have taken these qualities to improve the way they trade. A cricket fan would know about the game. It is not easy to play cricket. It is not about bawling and batting. It is not even about the fame rather it is something that takes a lot of hard work. You wouldn’t feel their hard work when you watch the match while sitting on your favorite couch while savoring popcorns. But for most people, cricketers are an inspiration. Anyway, there is a lot to learn from a cricketer. They have the right attitude required for success. So as traders, you should have the attitude that is required to succeed in trading. Most naïve traders do not have the attitude, which is why they fail in trading. However, we will mention a few good qualities of cricketers. By following these qualities you would be able to improve the way you trade.

Trading is often considered as the smarted game in the world. You need to be a strategic person to deal with the complex price movement of the financial asset. The novice traders never really understand how they should trade the market. They simply bet against the market trend and loses a significant portion of their investment. But just have look at the experienced traders. They are always making a plan to trade better. They never follow the herd. They believe in their skills and trade what they see. If you ever trade this market with emotions it won’t take much time to blow your account. Always believe in yourself and try to limit the risk exposure by taking the calculative risk. Never think you won’t be able to make consistent profit in this market. Be smart investors to become a successful trader.

The focus- M.S. Dhoni

The pillar of the Indian team, M.S. Dhoni. He is well-known for his ability to focus no matter the situation he is in! As we said above, if you are a cricket fan you would know how he manages to stay calm and focused throughout the match. Even if it is a losing match he would remain calm and focused. He wouldn’t miss a single catch which is aimed at him. It is impossible to find a better wicket-keeper than him. Despite the pressure, tension, and challenges he would remain focused until the end. This is what a trader must learn from M.S.Dhoni. Even when selecting a broker, trading platform, or trading method you should be focused. If you lose focus, you lose the grip. If he wasn’t concerned about the focus he wouldn’t be a topic worth writing!

The persistence- K. Sangakkara

The former captain of Sri Lankan cricket, Kumara Sangakkara. He was the glue that kept the team together throughout the match. If it wasn’t him, the Sri Lankan team wouldn’t have tasted victory. So, what can you learn from him? He is the epitome for persistence. You would clearly see the way he remains persistent amid the aggressive players. In fact, he doesn’t lose hope just because another player is doing better than him. Similarly, you should not give up just because other traders are doing way better than you. Learn to be persistent!

The confidence- Sir Viv Richards

The former captain of West Indies cricket. He is confidence personified! You can clearly see the confidence in each and every move. He knows that he would do his best no matter what! You would see how he enjoys playing cricket. So, if there’s something to learn from Sir Viv Richards it could be his confidence. You should be confident to trade Forex. You should enjoy trading!

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