What Should You Ask A SEO Company Before You Hire Them?


The first thing first, before you hire any SEO company never forget to check their reviews. Try to take your time to go through all the reviews. If too many complaints, it means something wrong is going on, and you should skip that company. If few complaints in reviews, but all similar issues, this means there’s something wrong with that issue in the company. You should ask up-front to the company for reviews and case studies that would prove their success in your industry. You should make sure that the SEO firm has success in your type of industry because that is important as every industry has a different type of consumers, different expectations and nuances.  

Moreover, you should ask the following questions before you hire an SEO firm:

  • What are the things in the contract? Read the contract carefully or make it read by a professional lawyer. Know when your contract starts and when does it end.
  • Know the ways to end the contract. Someday might come that you might feel that you are wasting working with that SEO firm. So, you might want to end your contract with them.
  • How to communicate and how often the communications will take place? Your expectations of communication with the SEO firm you are trying to hire can be very hectic for you if you do not make sure the frequency and time you need to contact them. So, better clear that up before about the way you want to contact them and the interval the communication is needed.
  • Make sure that you have full access to your AdWords/Analytics and your website. It is always helpful to know who would have access to Analytics, AdWords, FTP, and CMS.
  • Will you have your own business website? There are a lot of SEO companies in whose contract there will be cause that they are the owner of the website till the contract ends. So, if you end the contract abruptly, you are going to lose the right to be the owner of the website. Though it’s not the case with Edkent Media, they will make sure that you are going to be the owner of your website from the day one.
  • What performance guarantee do they provide? A reputed SEO company like Edkent Media will never give you a performance guarantee. It is impossible to guarantee performance because everything has different needs, and no one knows which clicks up. They can only help.
  • What are the payment options and how much is the fees?First, know your budget and start working with a company and payment options are needed because if they don’t get paid on time, they might withhold your work.

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