6 gorgeous trends for flower girl dresses  


Flower girls are the heart and soul of every wedding. Their elegance, poise, and demeanor, is what remains in people’s hearts long after the wedding. As such, it is prudent to get them dressed in well-designed dresses that complement the mood of the occasion.

For years, brides and other wedding organizers have opted for miniature wedding gowns for flower girls. However, times are changing, and new versatile trends are replacing the conventional miniature wedding gowns.

Here are five top trends for flower girl dresses today;


Reinvent your flower girl’s wedding look, with a well-designed floral dress. These textures are elegant and add a fun element to the dresses. You can pick different flower colors depending on your color theme. For the ideal look, pair it up with a matching hair flower clip.

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A colorful sash is an excellent way to dress your flower girls on your wedding. The colorful sash breaks tradition and adds a pop of color to a white flower girl dress. For the best look, match the sash to the bridesmaid outfits to complement the wedding’s color theme.

Tiered Skirts

Looking for that princess like look? Go for the tiered skirts; they add the ideal amount of volume to the dresses creating the perfect princess look. Given that it is every girl’s dream to be dressed like a princess, this could be an excellent choice for you and your flower girls.


Sleeves look a bit formal, but they are absolutely stunning if done right. For this design, go for a well fitting dress so that the sleeves don’t look out of place. Also, be sure to match it up with a hair flower clip for the perfect look.


White has been the color of choice for floral girls for a long time now. How about you bend the rules and go for lemon mints or mint greens? Unlike popular belief, these dresses look elegant, and in some cases, depending on your theme, they can be better than the conventional whites.

Bow Back

If you are a fan of pastel colors, you will find the bow back to be quite elegant. Go for a color that matches the wedding color theme. For this design, you can also get the girls matching gloves to tie up the whole look together.

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