Why You Should Not Give Up on Your Rights to Disability


There are about 70 percent of people in the United States who has faced a traumatic instance and up to 20 percent of people who have these traumatic stances go on to being diagnosed with PTSD. In addition, there are about 24.4 people Americans who suffer from having PTSD. It is very unfortunate that people must encounter this illness. There are people who have suffered from PTSD from many years and are not able to recover. The problem is that people who suffer from PTSD are not in any shape to hold a job and to support their families, the result is that they are left to financially struggle. Many times, these individuals seek financial assistance by applying for disability to receive a portion of support. Many times, they are rejected leaving them left to struggle financially and even putting them out on the street with their children. When you have served your country and are now facing PTSD, you have every right to receive benefits to support yourself and your family members.

PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen after being exposed to a traumatic event of some kind. The symptoms include someone to be left extremely violent, it can impair one’s ability to function at work, impair social ability, impair sleep, hearing, depression, etc. PTSD is an illness that causes someone to change significantly and to impair their ability to live a normal life. When people are facing this illness, they are no longer able to live a normal life. Instead of being able to go to work and earn money for their families they are suffering and not able to work. They are facing obsessive and compulsive thoughts on a regular basis causing them to not be able to function properly. This disorder is not something they asked for and is a true medical condition that affects their overall quality of life. When this disorder is not treated, they continue to get worse and can cause some serious outcomes. People who suffer from PTSD need the financial support to be able to care for their families and be able to afford treatment.

Overtime, people with this disorder tend to suffer significantly in their overall quality of life. They are no longer able to think the same and act the same because of the symptoms they are experiencing. It is critical that if you are facing PTSD you apply for disability. If you are disqualified for whatever reason, you do not give up. There are many legal teams out there who specialize in fighting for your rights for disability. Many times, people give up because they assume to believe whatever the organization tells them when it comes to being denied. The reality of it, is that there are many misconceptions that need to be addressed by a legal professional. You should always be given the rights to disability when your suffering from a medical condition. To properly fight for your rights, look for an experienced attorney by searching: Appeal a VA Claim.

Overall, being diagnosed with PTSD is never easy and can take a toll on you. You need to find legal support to help you fight for what is right. You need to try to get on with your life by receiving the financial support you deserve and worked for all these years.

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