Mind the strip-club revenue generation web


The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with strip clubs commanding a sizable chunk of the industry in more ways than one.  There are hundreds if not thousands of strip clubs across Australia that employ thousands of performers, managers, bar tenders, waitresses bouncers and more. They range from small time dive bar tucked away somewhere to mega-clubs that command a lot of space and hundreds of dancers that draw in crowds from near and far.

The business model is simple: provide a safe place for adult entertainment, charge the same cover as nightclubs and make more money from drinks, food and other activities that happen inside the bar. The performers work extra hard because they work for the tips and private dances. They are more like independent contractors than employees and strip club owners benefit from top notch dancers.

Strip club dancers usually get paid a percentage of what they charge customers for a lap dance or champagne bottle service. This is usually around 40%.

Bottle service is quite common in most high-end clubs but at some strip clubs it is the primary revenue, surpassing what the bar or even the dances generate. This is because a lot of strip clubs charge far more for these champagne bottles than what they actually retail for and it never stops at one or two bottles. Then of course ounce the champagne flows inhibitions pretty much flow with it and more can happen. Whilst most people visit a strip club planning to part with a set amount if money, most people end up spending way more than what they planned to. This is because strip clubs offer the kind of escape and fun you wouldn’t find elsewhere. The kind of revenue that is generated from bottle service is the reason why a lot of strip clubs offer performers a percentage for every bottle they manage to sell to clients.

Getting back to strippers being independent contractors:  a lot of strip club patrons don’t know that most strippers actually work for themselves and that they are often required to pay the club a stage fee every time they perform. The fees ranges from $50 to $300 depending n the quality of the club.  Some clubs will go as far as charging dancers fees for not adhering to club dress-code rules, showing up later and other infractions.

Some strip clubs offer food which means they can generate revenue from that as well with most offering buffet style dining and others offer menus that give some of the best restaurants in any city a run for their money.

Another revenue stream for strip clubs is the event- hosting services they offer. Most strip clubs offer entertainment packages for anyone who want to host an event in the club. These events can range from the usual bucks party nights to private parties or even the hosting of major events for some well- known personalities or celebrities. This kind of revenue generation can extend beyond the club as a lot of strip clubs also host events outside their premises.

There are a number of ways to generate revenue for strip clubs. As a customer, look out for the obvious amenities but consider also things that most people would call ridiculous like parking fees or the price of cigarettes and vending machine snacks. These small and seemingly inconsequential fees can end up making a significant dent to your strip club budget.

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