Bagless Vacuum Cleaners vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners: Which Is the Better Choice?


Have you decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner and started exploring all the options that are available? Once you start the process, you may get overwhelmed because there are various brands in the market each having some specific features and accessories. Also, the price range is quite extensive.

When you buy a vacuum cleaner for home, you need to first consider your requirements and budget. Depending on that, you can try to find the best models available from well-known brands like Kent.  When considering your requirements, it is important to compare bagless andbagged models. Compare the pros and cons of both before coming to a conclusion.

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Pros and Cons of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

If you are considering buying bagless vacuum cleaners, here’s what you can benefit out of it.

  • Less Expensive: When compared to their bagged counterparts, bagless models are less expensive to operate. This is because you don’t need to buy dirt bags. The chamber that collects the dust can be emptied and used for the entire lifespan of the machine.
  • Easy to Look Through: You can actually see the chamber that collects dust and debris. So, you can see how much dust the cleaner has sucked off from your home. You will also know when it is time to clean it.
  • Eco-Friendly: As there are no bags involved, it is an eco-friendly option. You can just empty the contents into the compost bin and do your bit for the environment.
  • Convenient Option: The best part here is that if anything valuable is sucked up accidentally, you can just open the dust chamber and retrieve it, which can be quite messy in case of bagged ones wherein you need to cut open the bag.
  • Hygienic: As all dirt and dust gets sucked and trapped into a compartment, which is easy to empty and clean, it is a more hygienic option. The potential allergens have little chance to get back into the indoor air and affect your health adversely. The frequency of cleaning the compartment depends on when it gets full.
  • Best Choice for Allergy Sufferers: If there is someone in the house who is allergic to dust, then having a bagged vacuum cleaner is not a recommended choice. This is because the dust stays in the house till the time the bag gets full and can be replaced. On the other hand, with bagless models, you can dump the dirt right away.

On the flipside, these are the things you need to beware of:

  • Exposure to Allergens: If you empty and clean up the dust chamber unmindfully you might be exposed to allergens. So, you need to be proactive with care. You have to go away from your home to empty it or else the allergens will re-enter.
  • Too Much Work: Some might find it a hassle to empty the dust chamber, though it only takes few minutes.

Pros and Cons of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

If you are wondering what makes bagged vacuum cleaners a good buy, here are few reasons to justify it.

  • Less Maintenance: Bags normally have the capacity to hold around 2 pounds of debris and hence require less maintenance. As you can see, when the bag is full, you would know when exactly to replace the filter.
  • Some Find It Convenient:There is no requirement of emptying and cleaning the dust chamber as all dust gets sucked into a bag. This is why some feel that it is more convenient.

On the downside, these are the points you need to consider.

  • Continuous Requirement of Bags: Every time the bag gets full, you need to replace it, which is an added cost for lifetime. The other problem is if the company discontinues the model you will be stuck as it might not be easy to find replacement bags in that case and will be forced to scrap that machine and buy a new one.
  • Decreased Performance: As the bag starts filling up more than two-thirds, the performance level starts going down.

Evaluate both the kinds of vacuum cleaners based on these pointers and make an informed decision.

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