5 Historical Facts about Rummy every player must know


The game of rummy is evolving as an engaging as well exciting card game among the players worldwide. With numerous benefits and a number of variations of the game, people are enjoying the card game. Whether it is a festive occasion or a casual get-together, rummy has become an interesting game for every occasion. Here are the 5 historical facts about rummy that every passionate player needs to know.

  1. Origin of Rummy Game

One can find a number of theories that revolve around the origin of rummy. While one of the popular theories is that rummy was inspired by the card game of Mahjong in China, other theories state that it originated from North America or Europe. Yet another popular proposition says that rummy has its origin from Conquain, which is a game in Spain. Another theory says that rummy has a link with the Japanese gambling game of Hanafuda. However, all the popular theories indicate that rummy has its origin in Asia and has become a popular card game worldwide.

  1. The Connection with Poker

Another historical fact about rummy is that it is believed to have a connection with the game of poker. An interesting theory says that the French settlers of the west derived rummy from the poker game. The subscribers of the idea have a belief that there many similarities between poker and rummy. The similarities can be in the form of grouping cards as well as forming sequences. It is a popular belief that Whiskey Poker changed to Rum Poker, the Rum, and finally got its name as Rummy.

  1. The Rummy Name

There is a popular belief that the word ‘rummy’ originates from ‘rum,’ which means peculiar, odd, or strange in the British Language. Many players also believe that rummy comes ‘Rum Poker’ as it is one of the most ancestral games. Moreover, many others even believe that rummy got its name from rum, which is an alcoholic beverage. With so many different believes, it is actually confusing where the name of rummy comes from.

  1. The Existence of Rummy during World War 1

Many people have confusion about the existence of rummy during World War 1. While the newspapers in Hungary report about its existence in WW1, there is also a belief as to the emergence of rummy around 1915 in Budapest City. However, it is safe to believe that rummy did exist during World War 1.

  1. The Popularity of the Game

Many people believe that the popularity of rummy dates back to the 1930s when the top Hollywood stars started playing the game. The popularity further went up during the Great Depression when people had to play indoors and play such games for entertainment. Being easy to play as well as learn, the game of rummy continues to be gain popularity. While people think it to be a simple game, it actually poses challenges and helps individuals to sharpen their skills.


The rummy game has a lot of historical facts about its origin, name, and more. While players find the game entertaining and interesting, knowing the historical fact can make it even more exciting. Though we do not have accurate information about its historical facts, rummy is sure to exist for ages. With the growing interest among people in rummy, the game is all set to make new records.

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