4 Tips for Better Valet Parking Services


The provision of parking services, like any other business, should aim at the highest customer satisfaction. Valet parking is one way of making your services more convenient, secure and efficient. There are several measures which you can take to make these services not only more convenient but also more profitable. This post shares four sure tips.

1. Valet keys cabinets

By 2013 reports showed that a car is stolen in the US every 43 seconds. With the increased technology and delinquency, the frequency has undoubtedly gone up. Again, the cost of new car keys ranges between $200 and $500 based on the model. Consequently, having a secured valet key cabinet is a necessary security measure.

Organization is another reason that makes a valet key cabinet of necessity in a parking lot. A cabinet has hooks with spot labels where the customer hangs their keys. It eliminates time wastage that results from valets having to rummage through all the sets of keys to find the one that belongs to their customer. The chaotic scene is also not good for your business image.

2. Valet uniforms

In this business image is everything. Therefore, have your valets dressed neatly. Replace the T-shirt and jeans with a fitted shirt and slack. The outfit should be designed to bear the entire image of your business.

3. Valet signs

It is no brainer that you need to advertise your valet parking services for it to be successful. A valet parking sign is the most effective means of getting the word out there. It should be large enough for easy visibility from a reasonable distance. However, since this is a premium service, the signage should be elegantly designed with a classy typeface. For best result, employ the services of professional valet sign designers.

4. Valet podiums

The point of valet transactions should be strategically placed to draw the attention of the client. For permanent spots outdoors or indoors, fixed valet podium is an excellent choice. They come with durable umbrellas that provide shade and shelter from sunshine and rain.

In case valets need to change positions during the day or on specific days of the week, opt for the mobile valet podium. They are also useful if the facility is outdoors. The podium is set in place during working hours and returned top safety at the close of business.

Initially, valet services used to be a luxury service offered only to kings and sages. Today, it has become a necessity. However, it is still a premium service and so still requires elegance and class. Security, organization, and image are key determinants of the success of this service. You can seek the aid of professional valet parking suppliers for more information and assistance.

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