12 Personalized Christmas Ornaments You Need On Your Holiday Tree


The holiday tree is one of the most exciting and most attention-grabbing decorations during this season. People invest their time and money to put up a Christmas tree that can help set a festive, jubilant atmosphere.

There are popular themes that can be used to jazz up this tree. Nowadays, more and more individuals are using personalized Christmas ornaments Canada to add a sentimental touch to their own Christmas trees.

Looking for some ideas on how to sprinkle your personal touch to your tree? Check out some of these items and suggestions we’ve compiled:


Celebrate the magic of Christmas through personalized seasonal ornaments. Available with a variety of holiday greetings, this type of decorations is sure to leave hearts warm with their Christmas-themed designs and touching messages. Here are some seasonal ornament must-haves:

Snowman. Dreaming of a white Christmas? Bring the wonderful winter inside your home by adding snowman ornaments on your tree.

Santa. Nothing spreads the holiday vibes the way Santa does! Keep the season’s spirit alive by displaying a variety of Santa decors.

Gingerbread. Gingerbread decorations are very much versatile. Make your tree more interesting by utilizing these personalized Christmas ornaments Canada in the most creative way (e.g. Requesting for a gingerbread that resembles you, or has your name on it).


The holiday season is one of the best time to strengthen the family bond. Whether you have a large or a small household, you can “personalize” your holiday tree by installing the following customized family Christmas ornaments:

Lettering. Introduce your family members by adding decorations that spell out who they are in the family (e.g. Aunt, grandpa, mom) together with their names.

Home. Memorialize the togetherness your family shares by asking for personalized home decors with your first names and surname written on it.

Caroling. The season wouldn’t be complete without Christmas carols. Get musical by adding a caroling family-type of decor on your Christmas tree.


Fortify your love for your partner or special someone this holiday season. Through personalized Christmas ornaments Canada, you can actually reaffirm the overflowing love you feel. Check these out:

Mr. and Mrs. Perfect for newlyweds, you can celebrate your Christmas husband and wife through lettering decorations that specifically spell out “Mr. & Mrs.”

Couple in Sled. Glide through the merriment the season offers and spice up your tree by hanging couple in sled ornaments.

Bear Couple. It’s time to get cheesy! Profess your love using a decor with a personalized message written on a heart held by a bear couple.

Pets and Animals

A pet lover? Show your affinity for animals by honoring them with pet Christmas ornaments that can be added as holiday tree decorations. Below are some suggestions:

Penguin. Embrace the wintery feels that White Christmas brings and affix charming penguin ornaments to your tree.

Barn. Looking for a “grand” way to show your animal-loving side? Why not opt for a farm or barn decor to encompass a wide selection of animals.

Dragon. If you want to be more eccentric, artsy dragon ornaments are also available as additional holiday tree decorations.

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