Xtendrol – Learn About Its Reviews And Recommended Dosages


Xtendrol is one of the most famous steroids among people who want to lose fat and bodybuilders. They are widely used for improving strength and maintaining weight. Xtendrol was produced in Mexico in the early 2000’s in the form of 2.5 mg tablets. Later it was introduced in the international market gaining much more popularity. If you are planning to start taking Xtendrol, you must know its cycles and dosages.

Xtendrol and its Reviews

Xtendrol has gained much popularity since real brands of this steroid in Mexico came up. For athletes, Xtendrol has been very efficient in improving speed and battling with muscle fatigue. It helps the gym goers to build their major muscles by allowing them to tackle difficult challenges in the gym for a long period.

It may surprise you, but Xtendrol is more popular among women than men. Mostly women take Xtendrol to attain that perfect lean body and toned look. The compound helps you suppress your appetite and helps in weight reduction and burning of fat making it one of the most common drug for weight loss.

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Xtendrol Dosages and Cycles

Trainers and bodybuilders suggest that people taking Xtendrol for extended cardio performance at the gym and lean muscle mass start by taking 10 mg Xtendrol per day. After working about six weeks, the person will know how his body has been reacting to Xtendrol and then they can increase their dosage by 5 mg.

For women it is suggested to not go beyond 20 mg of dosage and men should not exceed the dosage of 25mg. Xtendrol commonly comes in tablet so f 2.5 mg. So if you are going for more intake you will have to take about four to eight tablets to gain the desirable results. Xtendrol mostly helps athletes and body-builders amp up their performance at the gym.

Xtendrol Reviews

Like other steroids, Xtendrol also has some minor side effects. But Xtendrol is considered one of the best steroids in the market as it doesn’t cause any serious side effects. The side effects defer for both men and women.

You will have an increased cardio stamina after the intake of Xtendrol after couple of weeks. Therefore, Xtendrol is much preferred by runners and sports competitors. If you wish to achieve the best results out of Xtendrol, it is recommended that you stick to the regime and never have an overdose of the drug.

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