Where to Start When Seeking Professional Help for Addiction


Addiction treatment programs present individuals with a great way to recover and rebuild their lives. The programs offer a new way to approach addiction and understand why the body and mind drive addiction. Reviewing the program shows the individual where to start when seeking professional help for addiction.

Meeting with a Counselor

Meeting with a counselor is the first step to entering a rehab center and getting help with addiction. The counselors provide detailed information about the program to help the individuals determine if it is the best program for them. A science-based treatment program involves a 12-week rehabilitation opportunity and a 12-week aftercare program. During which the patient lives in an apartment independently and has the option to stay as long as they choose. There aren’t restrictions on when the patient can leave or return to the facility. The counselor explains all the rules and guidelines before the patient commits to the program. Insurance coverage is also discussed.

Reviewing the Detox Process

Reviewing the detox process helps the patient determine what to expect during the rehab process. Traditional rehab requires them to stay in a medical setting and detox while being monitored by a staff. Science-based detox allows the patients to move around the facility and eat and drink as they wish. It is not necessary to stay in their room the entire time, and the facility staff can provide some medications for withdrawal symptoms. Anyone who wants more details about detoxing or the treatment program contact the rehab center in Portsmouth right now.

Understanding How Therapy Works

Understanding how therapy works shows the patients what they can expect when speaking to their counselor. Typically, the counselor just works on what trauma caused the addiction. However, science-based rehab is based on several therapies. The therapy helps the individual retrain their minds to process negative thought patterns more effectively. Too often negative thought patterns can lead to a desire to escape which causes the individual to turn to drugs and alcohol. The therapy might also help the individual reparent themselves and let go of notions that cause them distress. Negative thoughts are often derived from insecurities and abuse. Understanding the nature of these thought processes and help to manage them helps the individual live a more positive life.

Making New Life Choices and Seeing Them to Fruition

Making new life choices and seeing them to fruition helps the individual increase their quality of life and help them rebuild during their recovery. The patient reexamines their life and determines what changes can increase their happiness. The counselor helps the patient take these vital steps for correcting negative behaviors and avoiding unwanted negativity in their lives.

Addiction treatment programs help individuals get the help they need and start their life over. Treatment involves detox that doesn’t require a medical setting, and patients are free to do as they please. Counseling addresses a variety of issues that often lead to addiction. During therapy, the individual learns how to rebuild their life and get more out of it. Individuals who want to learn more about these opportunities contact a counselor now.

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