What are the types of Truck Accidents?


The number of truck registration has significantly increased, and that gave rise to the number of truck accidents. The number of accidents because of trucks is larger than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. Due to the large sizes of trucks, when accidents happen there is always chances of greater harm to the smaller vehicle’s passengers and driver. If you or your family is a victim of a truck accident, you are going to need help.

How does a Truck Accident occur?

Truck accident happens due to the error of the truck driver mostly. The truck drivers might get tired driving for long trips, they might be dangerously fatigued, they might be driving fast to reach the destination, they might be inattentive about the ongoing traffic on that road, they might be talking with someone on the road, they might lose control looking at the direction boards, the tire might blow because of defects in them or very heavy loads, or brakes might have failed due to not maintaining it properly, etc.

Types of Truck Accidents:

  • Collision Head-on: This happens when a truck driver or the driver of another vehicle crosses the center line on oncoming lane. This happens mostly with a driver who falls asleep or with drunk drivers.
  • Sideswipes: The either side of the truck has blind spots as well as behind the trust it isn’t properly seen by the driver. Therefore, when one vehicle is crossing, and right at that time the truck driver changes the lane, the collision
  • Went off the Lane or the Road: When tired, as a human everyone nods off, so if the truck driver nods off and the truck goes to a different lane or off the road, or for any reason, the truck goes off the lane or the road may hot other vehicle or vehicles on their path.
  • Jackknife: This occurs when the driver applies the brake, but the angle with the tailor swings out of the angle from the cab.

There are other types of accidents happen with a truck. If you or your loved ones become a prey of such accident, you need to visit a lawyer, who can guide you through legal process at the time of your crisis.

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