Mobile Gaming the Next Frontier for Esports

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Mobile gaming as a whole has been quickly on the rise across many different genres as the demographic attracted to mobile games has rapidly changed to include a much older audience than before – this presents a new range of opportunities for what can be possible, as it looks like the next big frontier in esports is showing itself in mobile

Much of the success has come simply through accessibility – other platforms have struggled in the past due to the high costs of both the games and the dedicated console itself have provided a larger barrier to entry, but as mobile devices have become so common and so familiar alongside much of the hardware across all devices being uniform, so player experience doesn’t change between devices. This has allowed for a much bigger audience, leading to growing player numbers in some of the bigger games that are looking to move into the esports scene, and have allowed those able to do so successfully – the current biggest esports games were first founded on the PC platform and found great success there too, just look at them here at for example with names like Fortnite and PUBG being amongst the biggest, but there is space for other titles to carve their own name out too.

The next big step for mobile esports will be within enabling better options for spectating – the big push that has managed to make esports as a whole so successful has been within the broadcasting opportunities as livestreaming for free has brought the sport to the homes of millions, and with each system being able to provide individual point-of-view and camera angles for individual players, it gives a very in-depth look which is something that mobile is still lacking as the infrastructure and support to do so isn’t there just yet. The good news perhaps is that because the audience is so wide and encompasses such a large group of people, the opportunities for growth are much bigger than in other sporting and esports options as the potential audience is already there and available, and other tech being developed to make mobile esports gaming much easier with small accessories and add-ons, getting into the market is looking to be that much easier too. It’ll take some time, without a doubt, to catch up to the head start that esports has had, but as the fastest growing gaming space in the market, it’s not looking to surprising that it’ll be possible.

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