Interesting Facts About Human Heart


The human body is incredible, so are its organs. Every organ has a unique structure and function. All the organs are controlled and coordinated by the nervous system. However, the most crucial organ of the human body is the heart. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep it healthy by avoiding things that could damage it.

Our heart is an interesting organ. There are several amazing facts about the structure of heart, unknown to us. Let us have a look at a few of them.

  • The human heart is the size of our fist.
  • The structure of heart comprises four chambers enclosed in the pericardium.
  • It pumps around 2000 gallons of blood each day.
  • The heartbeat is controlled by an electrical system known as the cardiac conduction system.
  • The heart continues to beat even when it is disconnected from the body.
  • The first person who was implanted with a pacemaker in the year 1958 lived longer than the surgeon who implanted it.
  • The first ever known heart disease was diagnosed in an Egyptian mummy that was around 3500 years old.
  • The smallest heart is found in a wasp known as the fairy fly. Whereas, whales have the largest heart.
  • A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s heart.
  • The blood vessel system can extend upto 60,000 miles.
  • Heart cancer is very rare because the heart cells stop dividing.
  • Laughing reduces stress, boosts the immune system and hence, is good for our heart.
  • Heart attacks happen usually on Monday mornings because the level of stress hormones is higher during Monday mornings than at any other time during the day.
  • Horses can mimic the heart rate of a person touching them. They might be used to detect stress hormones in humans in the near future.

These were some of the interesting facts associated with the human heart. There are still hundreds of facts of a heart unknown to us.

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