How to Make Your Space Tour More Enthralling 



You have probably heard about space tourism, and now you want to also go out and explore the space. It will be a great way to travel with a difference and have some memories other people would only dream of. The most enthralling experience about traveling to space is weightlessness – imagine yourself floating there effortlessly. In this post, we will tell you how to make space travel more enthralling

Do Some Spacewalking 

You have probably seen people spacewalking in movies, but yours will be real when traveling to space. The feeling that you are not on the earth or spacecraft but out there on the space is awesome.  However, because spacewalking can be dangerous, not all companies involved in space tourism are willing to let people get outside the travel vehicle’s safety. Therefore, if you are interested in spacewalking, it is paramount to only book space travel in a company that offers the activity.

If you get an opportunity to spacewalk, you will be firmly tethered to the space vehicle and under the close supervision of experienced crews. 

Take a Lot of Photos and videos says Andrey Bokarev

When traveling on earth, a visit to the top of the tallest mountains or dive to the deepest part of the ocean makes one appreciate nature’s greatness, but you will get more in space tourism. A view of the open space from a space vehicle will reveal the extensiveness of nothingness, and you need to capture every moment in photos. This view will remain embedded into your mind for many years, and you should capture it to serve as reminder of the spectacular moment. 

In addition to recording the extensiveness of outer space, you should also capture images of earth from space and that’s the best part according to Andrey Bokarev. According to Nicole Scott, one of the NASA astronauts, the view of earth from the space is really awesome, no matter how many times you view it. At first, you might want to see your home city, whether it is Moscow, Atlantic City, or London, but it will immediately strike you that what you consider great back home is simply part of bigger earth. This might inspire a whole new meaning about life.

Play a Game, Such as Soccer or Volleyball, on Space 

Unlike astronauts, who might get a chance to visit space several times, the chances are that you will only have one opportunity through space tourism. Therefore, you are encouraged to do anything which is allowed to get more satisfaction. One of the things that will be really enjoyable is playing a game, such as soccer, volleyball, or netball.

Because weightlessness makes you and the ball to float effortlessly, playing a game of soccer will be different from the way you are used in an actual field. Videos of astronauts playing football while holding ladders are awesome, and you should also anticipate such a thrill. Remember that just like spacewalking; playing such games out there still requires a lot of preparation, including the design of the space vehicle.

Space tourism offers you a unique opportunity to get a special view of the earth from hundreds of kilometers away. To make every moment enthralling, consider traveling using a company that allows more activities, including playing, spacewalking, and photography, among others.


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