How to choose a used car?


There is no second thought to the thing is that the new cars are apple to the eyes, but used cars are where the smartness lies. New cars erode in their value rapidly, while on the other hand an used car will cost half the market price and their performance is also appreciable

But with options in millions, it becomes hard for one to differentiate the sapphire from other shining pebbles. Its like catching a kite in hurricane. But one don’t have to be a car expert to figure out a right vehicle for them.

As much as you might like to wander about what you want in a car, it’s best to think more about what you need in present and future too. Some basic considerations can be-

  1. Diesel or petrol?
  2. How many passengers do you need to carry?
  3. Is fuel economy important?
  4. Availability of sufficient cargo capacity
  5. Space for parking in the locality.

How to buy used car on lease in Bangalore?

Unless one is paying total cash, the only way left is to finance your purchase or lease. Leasing has its own pros and cons. Though it offers low monthly payments, but when the lease ends you no longer own the car. There are no trade in hassles at the end of the lease. However, on buying a car we have more flexibility to sell the car and also there are no mileage penalties.

Many shopper do pre-occupy their mind on a specific car. But one must consider the other cars in the class. If one already have a car in mind, they should review other vehicles too to ensure they haven’t overlooked better choice, because remorse is the evilest of feelings. Before one commit itself to a car, they must do a little research about it’s cost of ownership, because they might cost less to pay, but may cost a good fortune to insure and maintain.

The first hand buyer might claim of features you want, but a test drive is always recommended. You should test drive the car the way you would drive it during your everyday life. Drive over breakers, bumps, pits and take tight corners. Test the brakes in safe locations. After the test drive the choice becomes clear. If still there exists a doubt, step back and test other cars, because making right decisions is important.

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