Everything you should need to know about asbestos surveys


Generally, asbestos containing particles are found on various construction sites. Earlier it is used in fireproofing but later due to its dangerous effect’s government-imposed ban on it. It is the duty of the manager to check the level of asbestos before starting any construction work as it can harm the laborers that are working on the construction site.

The asbestos survey helps in identifying the level of asbestos on the construction site and if it is identified it also helps in making the plan for its control. Various governments make it compulsory to have an asbestos survey before starting construction work. For asbestos, one needs to hire the professional contractor for it without proper survey no one can predict the presence of asbestos.

Mainly there are two types of an asbestos survey is conducted first is a refurbishment survey and the second is a management survey. You can choose any type of survey depending upon the fact that you need refurbishment or not. This survey is not conducted on new buildings it is mainly for older buildings.

Asbestos gas is very dangerous for human health as it causes serious problems in breathing and lung cancer too. So, it is very necessary to conduct a survey where you doubt to have the presence of asbestos. In general, asbestos is not very dangerous but if it is present in walls of the building then you need to concern with any expert.

How the survey is conducted on the construction site?

An asbestos survey is conducted in several steps that include

Finding the various location that contains asbestos materials and measuring the amount present in it. They will also make a proper record of it.

  • A sampling of asbestos-containing material and detection of various kinds of asbestos that are present in it.
  • After detecting the asbestos, they will make a proper plan to access it and to reduce the quantity of asbestos on construction sites.

Removing asbestos particles from the construction site is not so hard and rarely a building is identified with asbestos particles.

Different types of asbestos survey that you should need to conduct on the construction site

  • A simple management asbestos survey is needed for those where the amount of asbestos-containing material is low and it is the type of survey in which no destruction is done. Survey on celling and surface cannot be done through this survey.
  • For new building construction, asbestos refurbishment survey is done it is mainly designed to survey new installments and new constructions. Both the survey is capable of finding the asbestos material even in even in some hidden places.

An asbestos survey is mainly done to protect the construction workers from highly dangerous asbestos material that can cause various lethal diseases related to the respiratory system. It is the basic duty of the manager to ensure the safety of workers by conducting a proper survey. This survey also helps in saving the environment by destroying the various asbestos-containing particles.

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