Concert Production Services Atlantic City NJ


Concert production requires so many details, and it is important to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Concert production services Atlantic City NJ will see everything is done right from the beginning to the end. You can trust us to help you put on an even better concert than you think is possible.

The Artist Technical Rider is a document that contains information about concert production so that our responsibilities are clear. The document lays out billing of the artist, how long the presentation it will be, how the presentation of the performance will happen, security details, free passes and tickets, load in and out, and information about selling of merchandise. It also includes catering, back line, sound and light needs, and setting up of the dressing room.

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We also talk with the production person at venues and the production manager for the artist to promote the show. The production manager is in charge of the artist’s schedule. This could include leaving and arrival times and modes of transportation. It also includes hotel, venue, and airport pick-ups, in-store appearances, and press interviews. The production schedule will include sound checks, door times, and show times. The core personnel include people like the stage manager, events manager, sound engineer, director of security, assistant production manager, hospitality coordinator, stage techs, and lighting director.

Concert production services begins with choosing a venue. We employ a project coordinator who has a vast database and knowledge of venues and contacts to find the right selection for a certain concert. The project coordinator also handles the design and feel of the event down to the smallest detail. The decorations, theme, hosts, food, logistics, etc. will all be handled.

We negotiate the cost with a pre-settlement, handle a walk-through, and if needed, create a final settlement after the concert. We see the concert through from beginning to end. You don’t have to worry about anything. That leaves you to just concentrate on creating a great experience of your fans through performing.

Concert production services Atlantic City NJ will take care of your concert down to the smallest detail. That leaves you available to put on the best show possible. We can help you decide on how the concert will proceed from start to finish. Your security, creative vision, and the logistics are all handled so you can completely concentrate on your craft.

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