Dota 2 boosting is a boosting firm with more than five years of optimum experience. They offer 100 off the real charge for first timers. Therefore, if you need their assistance or you have a special demand for their services from them, feel free to get in touch with them on live chats or you can send a message to their email account. They offer jobs to those searching for jobs via their positions there. It is worthy to note that all orders are discharged within 24 hours.


The answer is yes! You have 100% security guarantee with the Dota 2 account boosting experts from the firm. They are professional and well-trained boosters who does nothing else but to concentrate on Dota 2 boosting tasks. The steam authenticator or guard safeguards any inventory on daily basis. Nobody has access to another person’s account or item unless the person has access to your account.

Partying with one’s booster while on one’s account

This is a reality! The company allows “party using booster” on “duo queue” add-on for their Dota 2 MMR boosting services. Once you buy with the option of “duo queue” or “party with booster”, the company will partner with you as you engage your account into the same for actualization of your required rank.

What is the duration for completing an order?

As soon as a purchase is made, it starts in 30 mins and finishes within 12 hours. Once you buy a duo queue option, you will be connected with your booster within (1-2) hours. Then, you could schedule playing time together. Dota 2 account boosting is important because it helps in unlocking addition features of your account to the top operation version. Don’t miss out this great chance!

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