Best Tips to Keep Your Paint Job Looking New


Keeping your car looking good as new is a difficult task in the desert. If you’re looking at getting a brand-new car, or even if there’s a used Audi R8 in Phoenix that’s calling your name, you’ll want to be able to help preserve the paint job for as long as possible. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Wash Your Car Frequently

Dust and dirt build up quickly, so it’s best to get that stuff off your paint before it can start degrading the quality. Was your car every few days or at least once a week, depending on how often you drive it and what the conditions are like around you. In the desert, you may even just want to dust it off with a dry cloth every day to help conserve water while still keeping it clean.

  1. Apply Wax

Wax is going to make your car shine, but it’s also a fantastic way to keep your paint protected. The right wax will help to repel dirt, water, and other particles that may mess up your car over time.

  1. Use a Paint Protectant

Along with a good waxing, applying a layer of paint protectant whenever it’s needed can make a normal paint job last you for longer than the average. This stuff is great at keeping your paint where it should be, and preventing micro-scratches that will eventually ruin the paint.

  1. Drive Slowly on Rocky Roads

Rocks are the bane of any good paint job. If you’re driving on a road with an abundance of rocks, turn your speed down a notch to keep them from doing any real damage to your exterior.

  1. Don’t Stay Behind Trucks

Speaking of rocks, don’t spend much time close behind 18-wheeled trucks, dump trucks, or really any type of truck that may be carrying a heavy load. Not only do these vehicles kick up a lot of dust and rocks behind them, they also may drop something out of their load if the top is exposed. Some dump trucks with rocks or building materials may really damage your paint if anything drops out.

  1. Park in the Shade

Sun will damage your paint over time. Parking in shady spots as often as possible will not only make your car more comfortable to enter at the end of the day, it will also keep direct sunlight from ruining your paint. The bird stains that may get on your car from parking under trees won’t do as much damage as hours of exposure to the harsh sun!

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