Are you a professional jerker? If not, then you should try the sex dolls once!


The sex doll offers you sexual stimulation by allowing you to enter them without needing your hands, almost like you would with a partner. The sexual relations they offer are closer to real sex than those with manual masturbators. And testing sex with dolls is something that many people are tempted to try.

Inflatable sex dolls

These small breast sex doll is very basic sex doll that usually do not contains a masturbator. Instead, they are equipped with simple holes. You can use them as once you have them well lubricated. But, it is usually best to combine them with a realistic vagina or dildo of your choice. If you already have a masturbation sleeve that you like, buy a basic inflatable doll in which you can insert it for your enjoyment. Choosing an inflatable doll will be cheaper and you will get used to sexual stimulation with a doll.

Realistic sex dolls

These dolls are luxury versions of basic inflatable dolls. Instead of simple openings, they are often equipped with integrated or removable genital parts of their own. They are also usually equipped with a type of vibrator to intensify the sensations and some of them can even talk, suck or lick. They are also delivered with additional accessories such as air pumps to inflate them, a storage bag, maintenance powder to keep them in shape, etc.

Inflatable sex dolls are also generally prettier than basic inflatable dolls. They often have their own hair, moulded hands and more realistic features that enhance the experience during use. If you have enough money in your piggy bank, a realistic inflatable doll is also very suitable for beginners because it does not require any modification to be sensational.

Sex dolls and accessories

These are very high-end dolls designed and manufactured to be very special. Their bodies are moulded, sewn or carved to provide a firmer doll that gives the feeling of a real person. While the usable parts have been specially created to be ultra-realistic. These dolls can be bought as spare parts or as a whole, so you can buy a complete silicone sex doll or just a few pieces. After all, very few people think of using the arm or leg of a sex doll during their antics.


Of course, these sex dolls have their faults. There is obviously a huge price difference between these cheap realistic sex dolls and the inflatable realistic dolls. The extra cost enhances the feeling of reality, but it makes these dolls a real investment. Realistic dolls are incredibly heavy and it is difficult to move and store them, which can be a problem for those who worry that other people may find their doll or in case of lack of space. The materials also deteriorate much more easily, require careful attention and must be sprayed with maintenance powder to keep them in good condition. For the conscientious buyer, these facts are largely supplanted by the extremely realistic sexual stimulation that these quality dolls offer.

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