A Quick Guide to Sublingual CBD Oil Consumption


You can take cannabidiol oil in many ways. But perhaps the most effective method of administering this substance is by dropping some under your tongue or subliminally. While this way of taking this medication can be the fastest and most efficient, it is not advisable though in many instances.

The popularity of cannabidiol has risen exponentially as doctors and other healthcare manufacturers have started to acknowledge the potency of this substance in treating various diseases and health conditions. It’s no wonder that this market has exploded with some studies estimating the industry would reach more than $16 billion by 2025, showing its great potential as a useful health supplement and product.

Ways of Taking CBD Oil

Currently, cannabidiol is found in many forms. Some people like to order CBD edibles like gummies, chocolate bars, and beverages online, while others prefer visiting local cannabis dispensaries for CBD vapes and tinctures.

You can get your daily doctor-prescribed dose of this cannabinoid in four ways — subliminal (under the throat), oral (by dropping in your mouth or into your food), topical (or by applying on the skin), and by inhalation (through vaping). Doctors recommend administering cannabidiol sublingually if you need an immediate effect without the need for extra equipment.

CBD Sublingual Administration Pros and Cons

This method of administration involves applying CBD tincture or oil by dropping it under your tongue, letting it dissolve and get absorbed quickly in the bloodstream. The tissues under the tongue are ideal for absorption because you can find many capillaries and blood vessels there.

By just applying a few drops of cannabidiol oil under your tongue, you will experience its effect within only 20 minutes. Unlike taking the cannabinoid orally, this method avoids the first pass effect of the liver, which reduces the potency of the substance. And even though inhaling cannabidiol can provide you the highest concentration of CBD oil and a faster way of consumption, you may find vaping harsh to your lungs.

Sublingual application of CBD oils or tinctures also gives you more control on the dosage, especially if you are taking cannabidiol in micro doses. It can also provide longer lasting effects as the substance is directly absorbed by the veins.

However, cannabis doctors also caution some patients to avoid taking cannabidiol using this method. Many CBD tinctures contain alcohol, which can harm some patients.

Meanwhile, other people don’t like the taste and smell of cannabidiol, which is the reason why they prefer to purchase edibles.

Taking CBD oil sublingually provides you a great way to get your required dosage on the go. The next time you visit your cannabis physician, you may ask him or her to take your cannabis using this quick, easy, and effective method.

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