A beginner Guide to Colored Lenses from Eyewa Online Store UAE


A simple pair of colored lenses can help in enhancing your overall appearance. It can freshen your look and make you look like a completely new person. However, selecting the right pair of colored lenses can be a little tricky task. Beginners especially may have a hard time picking out the best one. If you are a newbie and prefer shopping for colored lenses online in the Middle East, then Eyewa is the best place for you to shop from. You get inside to some of the best brands in the region, a large variety in different styles and colors and that too at a reasonable price. And if you have an Eyewa discount code, then you can get further discount on your purchasing.

This beginner guide will help you in making the best choice for contact lenses you can get for yourself.

Selecting According To the Colors of Your Eyes

The first thing to consider is your natural eye color. If you are someone with light-colored eyes then you need to invest in lenses that can enhance your color. You can also go for light shades however select shades wisely so that it can look natural. You can go for crystal blue, hazel, honey, light green, light grey, and other similar colors. If you have dark-colored eyes then it is best to choose among the opaque colored lenses. These lenses will help you in achieving a stunning look and a good new change. You can use the Eyewa discount code to get these lenses at a discounted price.

What Change Are You Looking Forward To?

Many people like to wear lenses according to the type of change they want to see or show in them. Are you looking forward to giving yourself a subtle or a drastic change? If you’re looking forward to bring a drastic change in yourself then you can go for bright colors such as sapphire blue, violet, light grey or hazel, these can be perfect when you’re attending formal parties such as balls and weddings. In case you want to bring a subtle change, then you should select colors that should not be bold or bring. You can select shades of browns in this section or opaque colors for a more natural effect. Use the Eyewa discount code to get different types of lenses and see a change in yourself at an affordable rate.

Select the Type of Lenses You Want

Do you plan on getting colored lenses just for a change? For a makeover! Then it’s best to invest in disposable colored lenses. Disposable ones are lighter in weight and have a natural look. They are affordable and you can replace them after a couple of weeks use or according to their duration. If you have wanted to invest in colored contact lenses then it is best to invest annual replacement lenses since they have a longer life and are perfect for your eyes and gives off a more natural look. You can use the Eyewa discount code to get the annual replacement contact colored lenses at a good rate.

Compare the Prices

Since Eyewa is an online shop, and you’re a beginner in lenses, then its best to invest in disposable colored lenses. You can compare different brand’s pricing on the Eyewa page and get the one that fits your budget. You can also use the Eyewa discount code to save further on your total bill.


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